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We can probably answer the question as to which plastic parts we do NOT manufacture quicker than the other way around. At roth we are able to manufacture everything from simple molded parts to complex assemblies - even in short batches. We develop solutions with a wide range of design options and select the optimum material for your requirements.

From standard to special solutions

In our modern and spacious production halls, we process technical thermoplastics up to an injection weight of 850 grams and a clamping force of 3,200 kN. With our machines, there are virtually no limits to our choice of materials. We work with conventional thermoplastics such as ABS, PC, PA, POM, PP, PEEK, PA6T, LCP, PSU, PPA etc., but also with thermosets such as DAP and similar materials.

Thanks to our automatic mold cavity separation, we can deliver the parts separately, which means no downtime for you should one of the mold cavities not meet the requirements.

Impressive quality

Choice of solutions

Single-component molded parts

We manufacture injection molded parts using the plastic you require in a wide range of sizes (from 0.2gr to 850gr) and quantities - entirely according to your specifications.

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Multi-component molded parts

We manufacture two or more materially bonded and/or form-fitting plastic parts. Either in a single work step/process or manually in transfer molding technology.

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Hybrid molded parts

We can overmold various parts such as bushings, pins, screens and similar products with plastic. The inserts can be inserted into the mold and overmolded automatically, semi-automatically or manually.

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Thermoset molded parts

The thermoset molded parts we produce can be varied in size and quantity. We can also produce the molded parts with or without inserts such as bushings, pins or stampings – entirely according to your specifications and requirements.   

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Complex assemblies

You can plan complex assemblies with us, plan only the plastic parts or have the complete assembly mounted directly. Assembly is possible by hand or with (semi-)automatic assembly machines.

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Own products

As simple as it is ingenious. Our systemboards with plug-in strips or plug-in walls are perfect for storing, transporting, cleaning, combining, handling or everything at once. Our systemboards are the perfect vario systems.


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When it comes to precise and intricate plastic injection molded parts for the automotive, electronics, medical technology and mechanical engineering sectors, roth GmbH plastic+form is your perfect partner. With more than 60 years of experience and a staff of around 80 employees, we produce innovative plastic solutions for our international customer base at our two locations

Medical technology

Mechanical engineering



Making your projects reality


We support you from the initial idea to the finished plastic part or assembly. Each request is checked for feasibility and, if necessary, offered with initial optimizations. So that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

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