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The systemboard

As simple as it is ingenious. Our systemboards with plug-in strips or plug-in walls are perfect for storing, transporting, cleaning, combining, handling or everything at once. Our systemboards are the perfect vario systems.

The systemboard with plug-in strips

Your products can be firmly and safely plugged into the systemboard. This not only keeps them protected throughout the production process, but also during transportation and storage.

Using the various plug-in elements, the systemboard can always be rearranged and optimally adapted to your requirements. The partitioning and subdivision can be varied quickly and easily at any time.

For storing or transporting longer workpieces, a second systemboard without base plate (type 400a) and with the same plug-in strip can simply be placed on top. This means the fence is higher and the workpiece is optimally protected.

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The systemboard with plug-in walls

Whether for sorting, organizing, storing or for other purposes: The systemboard is the perfect vario system and so versatile that, no matter in which application, it makes work easier!

The systemboard is made of high-quality plastics only. This means it can be used without hesitation even in work areas where it is subject to intense use. It is resistant to solvents and can withstand temperatures up to 120° for a short time.

Due to the large number of different plug-in elements, the systemboard offers the possibility of storing larger or longer objects lying down or standing up. This saves a lot of space and therefore offers a great advantage both at the place of work and storage.

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